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Australian Shipping, Ports & Maritime History

Merchant Shipping, Shipping Company Histories

Passenger Liners

Shipping Ephemera & Memorabilia, Menus, Plans, ...

Tall Ships: Windjammers, Clippers,.. Canoes, Outriggers

Ferries, Paddlewheels, Canals & Barges, Gondolas, Junks

Yachts, Yachting, Sailing, Cruising, Surfing

Royal Australian (RAN) and Royal New Zealand Navies (RNZN)

Royal Navy, (RN) incl. WWI, WWII & the Merchant Navy in War

United States Navy (USN)

The Pacific War & Pearl Harbour

Other Navies & General Sea Warfare

General Maritime History - Ships & Sea Stories (Fact & Fiction)

Sea Battles - Trafalgar & Nelson

Warships: Destroyers, Battleships, Cruisers, Submarines, Aircraft Carriers, Seaplanes, Weapons

Seamanship & Navigation, Marine Law, Engines, Technical

Maps, Cartography, Pilot Books, Maritime Guides/Dictionaries, Lighthouses, Flags, Signals

Shipbuilding & Naval Architecture

Ship Models & Modelling

Nautical Magazines: Sea Breezes, Model Shipwright, World Ship Society, Signals, Australian Sea Heritage, The Log, Classic Boat, Woodenboat, Naval Review, Australian Naval Institute, ...

Marine Art, Maritime Museums, Nautical Antiques, Instruments, Knots, Sea shanties, Scrimshaw

Shipwrecks & Marine Archaeology

Diving & Salvage

Oceanography, Fish, Shells, Pearls & Pearling

Pirates, Corsairs & Treasure

Antarctic and Arctic Regions, Whaling, Sealing

Islands and their stories

Voyages of Exploration

Australia: Exploration, Aborigines, Convicts, Settlement

Captain James Cook

The Bounty Mutiny, Bligh, Pitcairn & Norfolk Island

General Pacific: incl. Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Hawaii, Solomons & Religion/Missions

Artwork of Capt. Brett Hilder

Pacific Magazines: Société d'Etudes Historiques, Société des Océanistes, Journal of Pacific History, Journal of the Polynesian Society, Pacific Islands Monthly etc...

New Caledonia, Vanuatu (New Hebrides) & Wallis Island

French Polynesia incl. Tahiti & the Marquesas Islands

Indian Ocean Regions incl. Madagascar, Mauritius, Reunion Island, Seychelles, Africa

South-east Asian Region - Indonesia, China, Japan, Philippines, India

Miscellaneous and some general Art

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